Anonymous breaches Turkish Natural Gas company

News by Max Metzger

A tranche of data from a Turkish natural gas company, Izmir Gaz, has been leaked online by the hacktivist group Anonymous in a seemingly convoluted attempt to get at the Turkish government

A new blow has been made in the ongoing fight between the Turkish state and hacktivist groups. Anonymous, the nebulous hacking collective has posted what it claims to be internal data from a Turkish gas and energy company, Izmir Gaz.

The data, stolen from, was posted on 20 July and includes an array of information including the passwords for nearly 500 users, subscriber details, budgetary information and a host of other entries.

A statement given by Anonymous under the heading OpTurkey reads: “Recent events show the suppression of education and the media in Turkey, these practices are undemocratic and give us the idea the citizens in Turkey are being indoctrinated. Yes, Erdogan was democratically elected but democratic values go beyond the electoral system. Opposition should always have a voice and the free flow of information should be encouraged.”

This attack seems to be targeted, albeit in an unclear direction, toward the Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a markedly divisive character in Turkey as well as the wider world.

In a blogpost, someone purporting to have had a hand in the publication stated two reasons for the hack. First was that the company owners have “good relations” with Erdogan. The second is that Izmir, where the company is based, is where Prime Minister Binali Yildirim was elected.

The post added, “We didn't publish any data about citizens. We are sorry we didn't remove their payments/bills because we had to work fast.”

On Tuesday, Wikileaks released a tranche of documents promising to damn the Turkish premiere. The nearly 300,000 emails come from the AKP, Turkey's ruling party and large as the disclosure is, it is not yet clear what the significance of the leak will be.

Anonymous' statement expresses clear support for Wikileaks: “We ask of the people in Turkey to take interest in in the material Wikileaks is about to release and to not dismiss it because a leader tells them to dismiss it.” The statement further adds that Anonymous will be attempting to translate the 300,000 emails and 500,000 documents.

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