Anonymous group in DDoS Kremlin attack

News by Doug Drinkwater

A division of hactivism group Anonymous says that it was behind an attack on the websites of the Russian presidency, the Russian Central Bank and the Foreign Ministry on Friday.

The cyber attack saw the websites go offline briefly, although they are now operating as normal.

Reuters spoke to the Kremlin press office, which said that the details of the identity and motives of the hackers were unknown at that point. "A powerful cyber attack is under way on the (Kremlin) site," a Kremlin spokeswoman said at the time.

However, a group called Anonymous Caucasus later claimed responsibility, saying on Facebook: "This is just warming up, Russian Pig." Another group, Anonymous Russia, first revealed the hack on Twitter and this was the same group that brought down the Kremlin website in May 2012, in solidarity with protests against Vladimir Putin returning for a third term as president.

When the news broke there were few details on how the attack had been carried out, although a Russian news agency later claimed that the attack which took the Kremlin website offline was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and was not related to the troubles between the country and Ukraine.

This news comes after pro-Russian forces took control of Ukraine's Crimea region. In recent weeks, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has played out in cyberspace, with hackers also recently defacing pro-Putin website

Meanwhile, the Russian government also appears to have been blocking websites that are anti-Putin.

The Prosecutor General's office ordered Russian internet service providers to block a list of websites which, it claimed, were inciting illegal activity.


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