The Anonymous group has responded to claims made by Sony that it was responsible for the recent hack and breach, saying that while it was engaging in attacks Sony it does not engage in credit card theft.

Following claims made by Sony in a letter by Kazuo Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment chairman of the board of directors, to the US Congress, Anonymous refuted the accusations. In a statement, hosted on the Guardian website, Anonymous admitted that the timing was unfortunate as it occurred in the midst of ‘OpSony', where participants engaged in ‘standard information war procedures against the corporation and its executives'.

However the Anonymous statement cited its commitment to not engaging in credit card fraud and also claimed that whoever did perform the credit card theft did so contrary to the ‘modus operandi' and intentions of Anonymous. “Public support is not gained by stealing credit card info and personal identities, we are trying to fight criminal activities by corporations and governments, not steal credit cards,” it said.

It also said that if a legitimate and honest investigation into the credit card breach is conducted, then Anonymous would not be found liable. “While we are a distributed and decentralised group, our ‘leadership' does not condone credit card theft. We are concerned with erosion of privacy and fair use, the spread of corporate feudalism, the abuse of power and the justifications of executives and leaders who believe themselves immune personally and financially for the actions they undertake in the name of corporations and public office,” it said.

It concluded by saying that it will continue its work in support of transparency and individual liberty, while its adversaries will continue their work in support of secrecy and control. “The FBI will continue to investigate us for crimes of civil disobedience while continuing to ignore the crimes planned by major corporations which use their services,” it said.

It concluded with a typical sign off of ‘we do not forgive, even if others forgive our enemies for those things for which we are attacked. We do not forget, even if others fail to remember. We are legion, and will remain so no matter how many of our participants are raided by armed agents of a broken system. We are Anonymous. Expect us'.