Anonymous wages 'cyber war' against Israel in support of Gaza

News by Ava Fedorov

In continuation of the hacktivist collective Anonymous' cyber-campaign against Israel, the latest group of hackers to successfully impact Israeli government function, @IzzahHackers on twitter, claim to have published the login credentials of 4,000 Israeli citizens yesterday, after having taken down the country's Ministry of Defence website earlier this week.

Under the banner of #OpSaveGaza, the collective has assailed Israel with waves of DDoS attacks and hacked data leaks, which includes publishing login information for numerous government websites. The number of Israeli sites taken offline by the group now total in the thousands and include the Tel Aviv police department and an Israeli satellite television station.

Anonymous, calling itself AnonGhost, released a video calling for “elite hacker groups” to join their “crusade” and to “wage cyber war against the state of Israel,” in demonstration against the occupation and “unjust treatment of Palestinians.” The video also alluded to a resurgence in attacks taking place this Friday.


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