"Anonymous" Shetlander no longer anonymous as Met name arrested man in Topiary case
"Anonymous" Shetlander no longer anonymous as Met name arrested man in Topiary case
A division of the hacktivist group Anonymous has admitted that a series of strategic attacks managed to bring down just one target.

Announced in April, Operation NewSon (OpNewSon) was a plan to attack several corporate entities on Saturday, with links offered to download the low orbit ion cannon (LOIC) tool.

Behind it was ‘TheWikiBoat', who said that they were only conducting the operation "for the lulz" (laughs). “On the day of the operation, we plan to hit and attack several high corporate entities. Shortly after the start of the operation, we plan to release precious classified data on the already set out list of targets we do have. Those targets are none other than the ones who ultimately rule: the high revenue making companies of the world,” its statement said.

A tweet on the day from the AnonymousWiki account said that the attacks would start earlier than planned, but a later update, hosted on the Cyber War News website, addressed some questions on it.

Asking if it had failed, it said: “It's hard to say really, one target was downed, and OpNewSon has only just begun. We never exactly said how long it would last, and it certainly isn't over yet.”

As for who was to blame, it said: “The conclusion we've come to is that the 'VoxAnon' IRC network admins are to blame, 'storm' primarily. The IRC channel was our main form of communication and where most people participating in OpNewSon joined and talked. It's simple really, take the engine out of a car, and you won't get too far.”

The site taken down was Bethesda Blog, an unofficial blog about the American video game company Bethesda Softworks.

The FBI had warned companies such as AT&T, Bank of America, McDonald's and Tesco about the potential attack; also on the list was HB Gary.