Anti-ISIS hacktivists take credit for attacks on Trump, BBC, BlackLivesMatter

News by Robert Abel

The hacktivist group New World Hacking has claimed to be behind cyber-attacks against Trump, BBC and BlackLivesMatter sites.

The hacktivist group known as the New World Hacking (NWH) claimed credit for recent cyber-attacks on Donald Trump, the British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) and the Black Lives Matter websites.

The self proclaimed “anti-ISIS group” told the BBC the New Year's Eve distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the network was meant to be a test of strength and that the group didn't intend to impact the site for several hours.

NWH also took credit on Twitter for a separate 2 January attack it called an act of protest and which shutdown the GOP presidential candidate Trump's campaign site for approximately 30 minutes.

“We targeted Trump's site because this guy can get quite racist,” the group told HackRead, adding that the group will launch more attacks against Trump.

The group also said it was responsible for a weekend attack against the Black Lives Matter site, but later tweeted an apology, saying the attack was the work of a rogue member who has since been removed from the group. 


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