The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has announced that it will share information and analysis on phishing attacks and trends stored in a central database that will be launched in July.

"Phishers are a constantly evolving threat to computer users, and any move to crack down on them is always welcome,” said Mike Dodson, technical director at Mirapoint. “This new initiative means that phishing sites will be easier than ever to track and destroy, with fraudulent activities measurable in hours rather than days.”

However, Dodson believes this initiative would be more effective in conjunction with similar action from banks and other companies.

“If banks adopted and promoted a unified code of conduct regarding email policy, clearly stating how they intend to communicate with their customers, then phishers would quickly run out of victims. But, the slew of competing policies currently in place just allows attackers to take advantage of this confusion," he said.