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The phishing lifecycle - before, during and after an attack

Just as phishing has evolved, the way organisations detect and deflect these malicious messages must also change, looking at each distinct stages to a phishing attack - before, during and after.

Vaccine discovered for Cerber ransomware - based on its own evasion

Hackers try to circumvent anti-ransomware, gives researchers vital clues to combat threat of Cerber

RSA 2016: Industry failing to understand malware life cycle

Anti-malware designers are failing to understand the complexities of malware and are using out of date technology to combat a rapidly evolving threat, says Christopher Elisan, principal malware scientist at RSA.

DDoS extortion attacks - a new threat to look out for

It is a testament to the sustained evolution of the cybersecurity landscape that we are still regularly seeing the emergence of new threats, says Gad Elkin.

Microsoft report warns on outdated security software

Microsoft says outdated software can be almost as insecure as having no protection at all.

8 in 10 infosec pros think perimeter security can combat APTs

A new survey from Lieberman Software reveals that almost eight in ten IT security professionals believe that perimeter security technologies like firewalls and anti-malware solutions are sufficient in defending against advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Malvertising: a bigger problem than the industry thinks?

Advertising - not as benign as you might think - delivering malware to 1 in 5 computers.

Enterprise IT systems widely compromised

Businesses too complacent with software security education - Bola Rotibi, ISC(2) board member

Anti-virus is dead - but ghosts get chased

Symantec declares AV dead. Not everyone agrees, though FireEye researchers say most malware is gone before AV starts looking.

Malwarebytes accepts Bitcoins as virtual currency prospers

Anti-malware software vendor Malwarebytes has started accepting Bitcoin payments on Anti-Malware Pro. But do the benefits outweigh the risks?

McAfee moves into advanced malware detection arena, with new sandboxing technology

McAfee has announced the acquisition of ValidEdge to add sandboxing technology to its anti-malware offering.