BitDefender has launched an antivirus defence package for PC gamers.


Named GameSafe, it has been launched after the company received queries from gamers who wanted to customise their security configuration. It defends the user's PC with minimal impact on processing power, memory and virtual memory, allowing players to maintain 'in-game' responsiveness and eliminating any unscheduled interruptions.


When it is activated it minimises processor time and memory consumption, postpones automatic updates and scans sets the scanning level to 'permissive,' so only the most important files are scanned.


Bogdan Dumitru, chief technical officer at BitDefender said: “Speed is a matter of life or (virtual) death for these guys, and since most conventional virus protection software can slow down processing performance, many players turn it off and play ‘naked,'


“Players who do this are exposing their systems to significant risks, and this affects not only premier league players, who use high end and very expensive computer systems, but also standard family PCs in the hands of forgetful teenagers.”