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Why antivirus practices should never be allowed to stagnate

Even with a layered defence in place, it cannot be left to stagnate as the nature of threats will change over time and older defences may not be designed to combat new attacks.

LockPoS malware adopts injection technique to evade detection

LockPoS, a point-of-sale malware program discovered in 2017 stealing payment card data from computers' memory, is now using a new malware injection technique designed to bypass antivirus hooks and evade detection.

Kaspersky says it detected 360K malicious files per day in 2017

A new Kaspersky Lab report states that the company's threat detection technologies identified an average of 360,000 malicious files per day in 2017, an 11.5 percent increase over the previous year, and a five-fold increase since 2011.

AVGater hijacks functionality of AV tools to turn them against themselves

Researcher uncovers method of hijacking the functionality of some AV tools in order to compromise endpoints. Trend Micro, Emisoft, Ikarus, Kaspersky, Check Point's ZoneAlarm and Malwarebytes have fixed their offerings.

Anti-virus collects data without user permissions & uses commercially

A free mobile anti-virus app developed by the DU group, a developer of Android apps, has been found to collect user data without the device owners' consent.

MS exec admits to Windows 10 disabling third-party security software

The admission from Microsoft comes as Kaspersky Lab is suing the company for antitrust violations.

Best to use paid antivirus than be the 10% victimised by cyber-fraud

One in ten Brits have been victimised by cyber-fraud when not protected by paid-for cyber-security software.

Mac antivirus software from ESET has RCE vulnerability - patch now!

Antivirus firm issues a patch for its endpoint protection software as Google security researchers alert them to remote code execution vulnerabilities.

Anti-virus software stops surgery to scan medical monitor for malware

Screens on a vital medical monitor went blank in the middle of a heart procedure in the US - officials blame human error for misconfigured AV software.

Google's Project Zero outs "ridiculous" Trend Micro flaw

Google's mysterious project zero have shown that Trend Micro accidentally left a remote debugging tool in several of its products.

Kaspersky Lab's new malware count falls but other AV provider have different figures

Kaspersky Lab's new malware count falls as cyber-criminals look to save money - but other AV providers dispute Kaspersky's figures.

BitDefender classifies 'piracy monetisation' site Rightscorp as malware

Peer‐to‐Peer (P2P) file sharing tracker initially condemned due to false positive

Confidence in antivirus falls to all-time low

More than 125 security professionals were asked about the greatest risks that organisations face today as well as the influence of various solutions and architectures.