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661 blacklisted Bitcoin apps which leave users open to hackers

Apps on Google Play and others could steal money and personal data from victims. App stores are hosting 661 blacklisted Bitcoin apps which leave users open to hackers, accoriding to a recently published report.

iXintpwn/YJSNPI malware distributed in app stores once used to spread ZNIU

App stores that once distributed the rootkit malware used by ZNIU, the first malware family to exploit the Dirty COWvulnerability, are now distributing a new iXintpwn/YJSNPI variant.

Apple finds App store within an app on Chinese App Store

Apple moves to shut down dodgy app on Chinese App Store that could have installed pirate and jailbroken apps.

13 Play Store apps infected with Brain Test malware

Google's Play Store has had to boot out several apps after they were found to be infected with 'Brain Test' malware.

Black SEO offered to cyber-criminals

Trend Micro's new report has shown that Chinese Cyber-criminals are selling SEO services on Apple's App store.

XcodeGhost discovery spurs Apple response, independent research and conspiracy theories

Following the "largest compromise of the App Store ever," Apple attempted to do damage control while researchers picked through the findings for independent research.