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Security flaw puts 10 million banking app users at risk

Vulnerability could enable hackers to carry out MitM attacks on bank apps - 10 million users at risk

Smartphone QR code scanners pose new cyber-threat

Apple iOS 11, Apple has QR scanning functionality enabled by default which Elad Ben-Meir says can effectively make anyone scanning the QR code matrices with Apple devices vulnerable to unknowingly uploading malicious code.

Malian entrepreneurs develop public safety solutions in hackathon

The MotoSecure Hackathon Day, organised by Motorola Solutions and Impact Hub Bamako in Mali's capital city has helped develop several innovative civil protection initiatives.

No encryption in Magic Kinder app causes privacy concerns for kids

A lack of encryption in the Magic Kinder App for children has led to severe security and privacy issues.

13 Play Store apps infected with Brain Test malware

Google's Play Store has had to boot out several apps after they were found to be infected with 'Brain Test' malware.

Millions of smart TVs and remote control apps vulnerable

A new report from Trend Micro has suggested that 6.1 million apps for smart TVs and remote controls could be vulnerable to remote code execution attacks.

ICYMI: Windows deprecating SHA-1; Apps leaking data; Safe Harbour II; Auto-rooting adware; Apple Pay

In Case You Missed It: the most popular articles from the past seven days. Windows accelerates SHA-1 deprecation, Too many apps leaking personal data, Safe Harbour 2 coming soon, Apps auto-rooting Android devices, and Bank warning to Apple Pay users.

Police raid DroidJackers in international takedown

Users of the remote access trojan, DroidJack, have been raided by police in six countries as part of international investigation into Android spyware.

How insecure are app stores?

Google Bouncer beaten, Apple walled-garden breached, Candy Crush compromised

Security team finds additional Android vulnerability

An IBM security research team has uncovered an additional flaw in Android that can give a malicious app the ability to fully control a device.