Blogger and hacker Andrew Auernheimer has claimed that AT&T needs to be held accountable for its insecure infrastructure, following the leak of iPad user data earlier this year.

In an open letter sent to Lee Vartan, assistant United States attorney, regarding to the iPad case, Auernheimer said that he was outraged by Vartan's ‘prosecutorial efforts against me and my associates, and extremely shaken up due to the unjust search of my home, in multiple violations of the Fourth amendment', following his detention on drug charges.

He claimed that while information security experts worldwide, law analysis groups, consumer affairs groups and lay citizens continue to support him, Vartan is continuing to investigate him ‘for some alleged obscure criminal act'.

In the incident, confidential information about every iPad 3G owner in the US was exposed and the subscriber data was obtained by Goatse Security. It pointed the details of the hack back to Gawker, who said that Goatse obtained its data through a script on AT&T's website that was accessible to anyone on the internet.

AT&T later blocked access to the feature after the details of at least 114,000 iPad users were leaked.

Offering ‘some friendly advice' to Vartan, Auernheimer advised him to continue holding Grand Jury sessions and force an indictment, stop the investigation and publicly accept assistance from his website Goatse Security.

On the latter, Auernheimer said: “While the smear campaign your agency has launched against Goatse and myself personally may make this difficult, I am sure that fully disclosing the rationale behind it would secure the public's forgiveness and understanding for you and the US Department of Justice. Lest it go unsaid, a friendly hand extended in partnership would earn Goatse's respect and forgiveness as well.

“As always, we are more then happy to work with you hand in hand for a stronger country. If you are unable to do this for political reasons, we understand but we would not want you to dishonour your family or the legal education they've helped you attain by making choices which are wrong. AT&T needs to be held accountable for their insecure infrastructure as a public utility and we must defend the rights of consumers over the rights of shareholders.”

He went on to claim that he was praying for Vartan to be guided towards righteousness and advised him to discuss the matter with family, friends, victims of crimes ‘you have prosecuted and your teachers, for they are the people who would have been harmed had AT&T been allowed to silently bury their negligent endangerment of United States infrastructure'.