Security firms are set to step into the smartphone application market with products apparently being developed.


Reuters claimed that McAfee is developing security software for the iPhone and Mac computer, while CEO Dave DeWalt is hoping to convince Hewlett-Packard to end an exclusive deal with Symantec.


DeWalt did not give a specific date for the launch of McAfee's iPhone security solutions, or say which products it would provide for the smartphone. He simply claimed: “We are working on a much more comprehensive suite for the Apple family. The more applications become available, the more the threat of security and the threat of identity and data loss is there.”


Meanwhile DeWalt told Reuters that he hopes to persuade Hewlett-Packard to end an agreement to distribute Symantec's anti-virus programs on HP personal computers.


Symantec has a multi-year, exclusive distribution agreement with HP, which DeWalt said will expire within the next 12 months. Symantec senior vice president Rowan Trollope said that he is confident that HP will stick with Symantec once it evaluates all the relevant factors.


Trollope said that his company closely monitors iPhone security issues, but has no plans to introduce new security products for the popular phone in the near future. Although Symantec is looking at developing a backup service that would protect data on the iPhone and allow users to use the device to access information stored on their PCs or on the web.