Apple Threats News, Articles and Updates

2015 worst year in history for Mac malware

Amount of OS X malware discovered more than last five years combined, according to research report.

Updated: YiSpecter malware targets non-jailbroken iOS devices

Iphone malware around for ten months and over 100 apps compromised

KeyRaider infects 'jailbroken' Apple iPhone users in 18 countries

As many as 225,000 Apple iPhone users have had their account details hacked in what is said to be the biggest attack of its kind against the firm's user base.

Don't let your Apple Mac snooze, warns security researcher

A security researcher has criticised Apple for failing to address a root-level vulnerability.

Siri voice commands can be used to steal iPhone data

Researchers have discovered a way to smuggle data out of Apple iPhones inside the Siri voice system.

Attackers increasingly targeting Apple users

IPhone mass uptake has led to it being clearly targeted by cyber-criminals says Cyren report

Scammers tap the power of Facebook to offer `free' iPhones a-plenty

Free iPhone? More like an iPhoney...

Native versus HTML5 security - is there a third way?

"We need a mobile app" is a common phrase ushered in business, but the options for doing this aren't confined to native and web-based HTML5.

Apple's iOS 7.1 fixes 41 bugs, including Webkit flaws

Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 7.1, was released on Monday, bringing updates for 41 bugs plaguing users.

Hackers can crash Apple's iPhone using Snapchat

Cyber security researchers claim that a vulnerability with popular mobile messaging app Snapchat enables hackers to launch a denial-of-service (DoS) attack against Apple's iPhone.

Mac Trojan targets game sites to infect users

Virus researchers have spotted a new variant of a Mac trojan that attempts to change a victim computer's DNS settings.

Apple drops support document encouraging anti-virus adoption

Apple has taken down its recommendation that Mac OS X users deploy anti-virus technology.

Apple advises Mac users to install anti-virus software

Apple, whose market share is growing among computer users, is now recommending that consumers consider applying anti-virus protection to their machines.

As businesses weigh adoption, new iPhone plugs 13 flaws

The second version of the iPhone, released Friday, includes faster internet, GPS functionality and an application store — as well as 13 security fixes.

Sun and Apple offer security updates

Sun Microsystems has issued fixes for a number of vulnerabilities in its Java offerings, while six flaws in Apple TV were patched.

Apple updates OS X to address security and performance issues

OS X Leopard gets a new version as the Mac maker moves to improve reliability and squash a whole hatful of vulnerabilities

Microsoft warns over Safari "carpet bomb" attack

Users of the web browser on both XP and Vista can be hit by a blended attack which installs malicious code, according to a security advisory released by the software giant

Apple releases latest Leopard OS update

The Mac manufacturer has fixed 70 problems - including more than 40 vulnerabilities - in its Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) operating system and associated components