Deepnet has announced the launch of an iPhone application to combat the growing problem of ID theft and cope with the rise in smartphone use.

The MobileID application will enable users to transform their iPhone into a one-time password (OTP) token, providing strong authentication without the need to deploy or carry any additional, dedicated hardware tokens. It follows the likes of VeriSign and RSA by moving into the iPhone application market.

Yurong Lin, CEO of Deepnet, said: “As the use of iPhones to access corporate information remotely increases, so too does the need for built-in security that makes it easy for the user to authenticate themselves.

“We have been using MobileID to transform mobile phones, PDAs and PCs into authentication tokens for years, but now have the ability to do this on the iPhone, enhancing our unified authentication platform.”

Mike Bienvenu, technical director of Softek, said: “The launch of Deepnet's iPhone application is great news for businesses who choose the Apple smartphone. It is one of the most user friendly and cost-effective ways of providing two-factor authentication and organisations can now ensure remote workers who need access to applications like Outlook Anywhere are completely protected against ID theft.”