Application Security announces new features for DbProtect platform.

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Application Security has added a blocking feature to its risk and compliance platform.

Application Security has added a blocking feature to its risk and compliance platform.

According to the company, the new blocking feature in DbProtect is an automated incident response to quarantine accounts that behave inappropriately, while immediately alerting appropriate personnel of the violation.

Version 6.3 of DbProtect 6.3, scheduled for release later this year, will update its management console to allow users to specify which blocking actions are appropriate under what conditions.

In addition, DbProtect will also include rights management support for DB2 and Sybase environments, joining the capabilities for Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server.

Josh Shaul, CTO at AppSec, said: “Today's cyber threats pose significant risk to the confidentiality of digital information within companies and blocking adds an additional layer of defense to thwart unauthorised activity.

“DbProtect excels at helping companies prevent attacks, regardless of where they initiate and what paths they take. AppSec already offers proactive measures that short-circuit attacks in their early stages and now we're bolstering those capabilities with an active defense. Blocking is a last line of defense against intruders that have managed to slip through other security measures.”


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