A specialist application security board has been established by (ISC)² to recommend ways to create awareness about the problem of insecure software.

Consisting of 14 software lifecycle professionals from business, public and non-government organisations around the world, the board held its inaugural meeting last week where it discussed the state of secure software and made recommendations on how to gain support for and overcome the problems caused by the proliferation of insecure software.

The (ISC)² Application Security Advisory Board (ASAB) will meet virtually on a quarterly basis and in-person annually. W. Hord Tipton, executive director of (ISC)², said: “Software vulnerabilities are one of the most pressing issues in security today with 80 per cent of attacks occurring at the application layer.

“We are confident this group of elite software and security professionals will bring valuable insights and ideas as to how we as a community can have an impact on this issue.”