Nearly half of UK employees rarely or never consider security when using Web 2.0 applications.

Research by Check Point and the Ponemon Institute found that 82 per cent of organisations feel less secure due to the use of social networking applications. Employers believe that employees should be held most responsible for mitigating the security risks associated with using Web 2.0 applications, ahead of information security and corporate IT staff.

As Check Point launched a new software blade to manage application control, the survey found that 58 per cent of professionals surveyed in the UK and Australia said that Web 2.0 applications have a significant or very significant impact on the security posture of their companies.

Nick Lowe, head of Western European sales at Check Point, said: “It's clear that IT security administrators are concerned about the impact of Web 2.0 applications in the enterprise, but they also need better tools to understand which applications employees are using for business purposes.

“Implementing a flexible solution that factors in specific group or individual needs provides the bridge between users and IT administrators, and ultimately encourages employees to be more cautious when web browsing, taking into account corporate security policies. The survey data shows that organisations recognise the issues with Web 2.0 use in the enterprise and, fortunately, are making it a high priority.”