Enterprise application connectivity-related issues now drive the vast majority of firewall changes.

According to recent research by Tufin, 90 per cent of 140 network security professionals said that this is the main cause for changes, yet few have effective processes in place to account for this shift, while around a fifth do not have any processes in place for managing enterprise application connectivity-related firewall data at all.

Sixty-four per cent experience application service disruptions due to network configuration changes as often as ten times per year, and one third (31 per cent) believe their organisation may have had a security breach due to an application-related rule change.

Ruvi Kitov, CEO and co-founder of Tufin, said: “This survey supports our belief that application connectivity management is the next frontier of firewall management. Just as next-generation firewalls caused a paradigm shift in the firewall market by enabling policies to be based on users and applications, SecureApp heralds a paradigm shift in the security policy management market by delivering a top-down approach based on business requirements, instead of a bottom-up approach based on configurations.”