AppSense has announced the expansion of its DataNow platform to corporate and individual users with the launch of an iOS application.

A virtualised platform for delivering corporate data, the company said that DataNow provides organisations and consumers with secure, anywhere data access which enables greater user productivity, while mitigating privacy and security concerns. With the launch of the application, it will allow mobile devices to access the data without the need for a full mobile device management platform.

According to the company, DataNow also gives consumers a single way to both access and aggregate on-premise corporate data and personal data stored in cloud storage solutions.

David Roussain, vice president of product marketing at AppSense, said: “As organisations are forced to address the growing multiple device and BYOD trend, DataNow now solves this problem from the perspective of both the organisation and end-user.

“With DataNow Essentials, organisations are able to provide end users with secure, enterprise mobility with the proper IT permissions in place. The enhanced DataNow app provides consumers, for the first time, access to all of their business and personal data from a single secure application regardless of where the data is stored, which leads to greater productivity without sacrificing control or security with cloud storage connectors.”