APT Attacks News, Articles and Updates

Russians hack European agency with updated DealersChoice malware

Russian APT group Sofacy targets European government agency, attempting to infect the organisation with unknown malware using a crafty new variant of its Adobe Flash-based exploit platform DealersChoice.

MuddyWater APT campaign flowing again, targets US, Near East

The MuddyWater campaign appears to be rising to the surface again with researchers finding similarities between this older cyber-espionage attack and a new one targeting Turkey, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

N Korea expanding cyber-attack capabilities, intention appears disruption

North Korea appears to be planning major international cyber-attacks, with espionage group APT37 (Reaper) seen to be expanding its scope and sophistication with new zro day vulnerabilities and wiper malware.

Report: Chinese cyber-spies target Western think tanks, DDos attacks in Q4

At least four Western think tanks and two non-government organisations were targeted in Chinese cyber- espionage activities this past October and November, according to a new report from CrowdStrike.

US charges members of elite Chinese hacking unit APT3

Federal prosecutors in US charge three Chinese nationals with hacking into Siemens AG, Trimble Inc and Moody's Analytics.

Controls attacks up 110%; Dragonfly APT group targetting power facilities

An APT group fixated on infiltrating energy facilities in North America and Europe has turned up the juice lately on its operations; IBM says attacks targeting industrial controls systems increased 110 percent in 2016

Chinese hackers leverage HBO 'Game of Thrones' leaks to deliver trojans

Researchers spotted a Chinese advance persistent threat (APT) group looking to lure fans with leaked episodes of "Game of Thrones" .

ICYMI: MSP APT; MS 0-day; Travel phish: Retraining; Hacktivists hit

In Case You Missed It: Chinese hack MSPs; Windows Server 2003 flaw; Phishing hits travellers; retraining graduates; OpIsrael hacktivists targeted.

APT group exploits zero-day Flash exploits to hack enterprises

The ScarCruft group have left victims all over the world by using a previously unknown zero-day vulnerability in the Adobe Flash Player, according to Kaspersky Lab which has dubbed the attack Operation Daybreak.

Cylance exposes 'Dust Storm' APT attack on Japanese infrastructure

Chinese suspected of APT attack on Japanese critical infrastructure.

US infrastructure cyber-vulnerabilities in spotlight again

The recurring fear of a state or terror-group-sponsored cyber-attack on the nation's infrastructure was highlighted by news stories this week indicating groups may have accessed part of the US electrical grid as well as a dam.

Russian government likely to be behind APT 28

A new report by Bitdefender has, at least partially, undressed the infamous group APT28 claiming that it's a Russian speaking group with a particular interest in government officials, defence companies and Ukraine.

How to find a 'Super Hacker'

Anomaly-based detection, rather than signatures or threat intelligence, is more likely to detect nation-state and advanced criminal 'Super Hackers' before they can gain a significant foothold on networks says Peter Cohen.