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Turla APT group linked to Gazer backdoor that spies on embassies

A previously undocumented backdoor program used to spy on foreign embassies and consulates appears to be the work of suspected Russian APT group Turla.

Russian hackers used Britney Spears' Instagram posts to control malware

APT group Turla is using a toxic Trojan disguised as a Firefox extension to secretly communicate the URL path for the C&C server to its malware minions.

APT32 targets private sector organisations with an interest in Vietnam

A cyber-espionage group dubbed APT32 is carrying out intrusions into private sector companies across multiple industries.

Huge hacking operation uncovered targeting victims' supply chain

Advanced Persistent Threat group linked to China said to be attacking companies by targeting their suppliers - scale of operation said to be unprecedented.

EFF seizes deceptive website used for high-level phishing attacks

Electronic Frontier Foundation wins control of fake .org website which may have been under the control of the Russian APT28 group.

Fake LinkedIn profiles, 'convincing' network linked to Iran-based group

The CTU, the Dell SecureWorks research team, uncovered fake LinkedIn profiles and an extensive, convincing network created by the Iran-based Threat Group 2889.

Researcher warns over Moker RAT APT

Malware seeks to avoid detection, bypasses the User Account Control, researchers say.

New and improved Arid Viper APT sinks teeth into victims once more

Operation Arid Viper - aka Desert Falcons - has returned with new malware after not being sighted in the wild for several months.

Turla in the sky with satellites: cyber-espionage group hides C&C server locale

Kaspersky Lab claims to have pinpointed how the Turla cyber-espionage group has been able to hide its command and control servers for the past eight years.

'Chinese' APT group hits hundreds of Japanese firms

A suspected Chinese hacker group dubbed 'Blue Termite' has been targeting hundreds of Japanese businesses and government organisations in a cyber-espionage campaign stretching back to 2013.

Russian Pawn Storm APT group spied on punk band and others

Trend Micro says the Russian APT group, Pawn Storm, has been spying on domestic targets, including the punk rock band known as Pussy Riot.