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Two East Asian APT groups stage cyber-espionage attacks

OceanLotus hits targets in Southeast Asia, while PlugX malware steals pharmaceutical data. APT groups are targeting high-profile corporate and government targets in Southeast Asia, security researchers have discovered.

N Korea expanding cyber-attack capabilities, intention appears disruption

North Korea appears to be planning major international cyber-attacks, with espionage group APT37 (Reaper) seen to be expanding its scope and sophistication with new zro day vulnerabilities and wiper malware.

Two new cyber-espionage groups targeting ISPs inside Iran

Previously unknown cyber-espionage groups have been attacking individuals mainly in Iran but also the UK, US, Germany and Holland for the past 18 months or more, says Symantec.

4SICS: What hackers do when they access a power grid honeypot

Power grids are being attacked by hackers and APTs who are, inexplicably, not taking any action against them, says honeypot expert Dewan Chowdhury.

The rise of state-sponsored cyber attacks

Never underestimate just how valuable enterprise data is to cyber-criminals, from low-level thieves to extremely well-funded (and therefore, well-armed) state-sponsored attackers, says Matt Middleton-Leal.