APTs deemed to be a credible threat to national security

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Advanced persistent threats (APTs) pose a credible threat to national security and economic stability.

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) pose a credible threat to national security and economic stability.

With 94 per cent of the 1,500 respondents saying that APTs pose ‘a credible threat' and 60 per cent saying that it's only a matter of time before their enterprise is targeted, the ISACA Advanced Persistent Threat awareness study also found that 53 per cent of respondents did not believe that APTs differ from traditional threats.

Christos Dimitriadis, international vice president of ISACA and head of information security at Intralot Group, said: “APTs are sophisticated, stealthy and unrelenting. Traditional cyber threats often move right on if they cannot penetrate their initial target, but an APT will continually attempt to penetrate the desired target until it meets its objective - and once it does, it can disguise itself and morph when needed, making it difficult to identify or stop.”

In terms of what can be the main causes of an APT, 90 per cent of respondents believe that the use of social networking sites increases the likelihood of a successful APT, while 87 per cent believe that “bring your own device” (BYOD), combined with a rooted or jailbroken device, makes a successful APT attack more likely.

Also, more than 60 per cent of survey respondents say they are ready to respond to APT attacks, while 95 per cent rely on anti-virus and anti-malware to stop APTs.

Tom Kellermann, CISM, trusted advisor to the US government and vice president of cyber security for Trend Micro, said: “ISACA's research reveals that enterprises are under attack and they don't even know it.

“Bringing this awareness into the curriculum of education for security professionals is necessary to enable them to build the custom defence they need to combat these targeted attacks.”


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