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Luck prevents malware fatally damaging critical infrastructure - this time!

Triton malware joins Stuxnet, Havex / Dragonfly, Blackenergy2/3, and Industroyer / CrashOverridet specifically targeting industrial networks: Passive network monitoring with hybrid threat detection needs to be implemented now.

Wikileaks releases CIA tool set which help malware onto air-gapped PCs

WikiLeaks on Thursday dumped more leaked CIA documents with its latest Vault 7 disclosures, this time publishing materials from a tool suite called Brutal Kangaroo that allows attackers to indirectly infiltrate a closed network or air-gapped computer using a compromised flash drive.

Anti-virus defences were no wall against China-based email attacks

The grim success of the China-based APT10 hackers in stealing huge volumes of confidential data from organisations around the globe has revealed a sickening reality says Greg Sim.

Putin talks fondly of 'free spirited' hackers, denies interference

The Russian President uttered some strangely forgiving remarks about Russian hackers. A case of getting their excuses in early?

The rise of nation state attacks - with intelligence gathering the aim

Mark Loman discusses how nation-state attackers with access to the right tools, time and cash can tailor-make their attack code to bypass security products completely.

Election hack? "Could've been China," Trump says

"Could've been China, could've been a lot of different groups," the US president said.

Parliamentary committee proposes unit to combat 'election hacking'

A parliamentary committee has proposed a monitoring unit in order to ward off the threat of foreign powers trying to influence UK election.

Chinese APTs IDed in raids against Russian and Belarus aerospace firms

Chinese use spear-phishing attacks to extract military hardware secrets from Russians in a sign that APT attacks will continue to grow in 2017, says Proofpoint.

Saudi telecoms authority warns of destructive Shamoon 2

Saudi Arabian organisations are being warned that Shamoon is back and in a new form