Arbor Networks has launched a new visibility solution to monitor all traffic, including from third party devices.

According to the company, Pravail Network Security Intelligence monitors network traffic data and uses analytics to help organisations close the security gaps left by firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

Targeted at enterprise and service provider networks, it looks inside the network and delivers the situational awareness required to identify advanced threats, internal network misuse or abuse, and also infected mobile devices connected to the network, the company said.

Pravail also offers the ability to remove infected hosts on the network, identify new devices on the network and monitor network activity of trusted users and identify suspicious activity.

Arbor Networks president Colin Doherty said: “The threat landscape has changed dramatically in the past two or three years, let alone over the past decade. Pravail NSI extends those capabilities to address an acute concern for businesses today, the damage to the bottom line and brand integrity that can come from an undetected advanced or insider threat.”