Arbor Networks releases latest version of the e100 platform for broadband service optimisation

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Arbor Networks has announced the availability of version 9.0 of its e100 20Gbps platform for broadband service optimisation.

Arbor Networks has announced the availability of version 9.0 of its e100 20 Gbps platform for broadband service optimisation.

The company claimed that version 9.0 can support up to 500,000 subscribers and features major enhancements to capacity and performance with a new level of network and subscriber visibility offered.

The e100 also enables service providers to dramatically increase the return on network investments by managing traffic at both the subscriber and application level to prioritise network activity, enforce policies and develop new service plans.

By combining intelligent hardware with embedded software, the e100 solution gives providers the visibility and control they need to achieve wire-speed traffic awareness, bandwidth management and service control in broadband networks.

It also features management appliances including the Arbor eSeries Command Centre and optional eSeries Subscriber Centre. Together, they provide reporting and subscriber management, API writing and traffic monitoring needed to optimise broadband services.

The eSeries Command Centre appliance also allows providers to configure the e100 to view traffic, create reports and integrate external data for billing and data warehousing.

The e100's reporting engine has also been retooled, to allow users to develop their own queries and drill down into the data in the way that best meets their goals for understanding network traffic, application usage and subscriber behaviour.

This will allow providers to proactively manage the bandwidth consumption patterns they are seeing from a particular group of subscribers or applications.

Kurt Dobbins, Arbor Networks' CTO for IP services, said: “By integrating the e100's deep subscriber and application visibility into the reporting of Peakflow SP's routing and peering intelligence, service providers now have comprehensive network visibility from the peering edge, through the backbone and down to individual subscriber level.”


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