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British hacker jailed for cyber-attacks against Pokemon, Google, and Skype

A British computer hacker was arrested on charges stemming from launching thousands of cyber-attacks against firms, including Pokemon, Google and Skype.

17-year-old pleads guilty to offences linked to TalkTalk hack

A 17-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to hacking offences which are linked to the data breach at the telecoms company TalkTalk in October 2015.

Woman arrested in connection with Sage investigation

City of London Police arrested a woman who works for Sage on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud. The arrest occurred at Heathrow Airport.

Authorities arrest Nigerian mastermind of $US60m online scam operation

A 40-year-old Nigerian national and alleged online scam artist, accused of bilking his victims out of more than $US60 million (£45m), was arrested in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in a joint operation.

Kripos arrests five men for pushing RAT

Five men were arrested by Kripos, Norway's national criminal justice investigation service, for using and selling malware, in particular a remote access trojan (RAT).