Tools of the trade: Pick a pocket-size

Feature by Tom Dunmore

Budget with money-savers from PocketSurfer, Shure, Kodak, Nokia and more. Tom Dunmore, editor-in-chief of Stuff, rounds up the bargains

Budget with money-savers from PocketSurfer, Shure, Kodak, Nokia and more. Tom Dunmore, editor-in-chief of Stuff, rounds up the bargains.

Gadgets PocketSurfer
PocketSurfer2R £160
The cigarette case-sized PocketSurfer 2R is very appealing – you get 20 hours of browsing a month for free, with unlimited usage for an extra £5.99 per month. It's cheap because it uses GPRS networks rather than 3G or Wi-Fi – but compression technologies mean it loads pages as quickly as many 3G phones. This version has a trackpad, GPS and an improved 640x240 pixel screen.

Gadgets Kodak
Kodak Zi6 £130
HD-ready TVs are wildly popular, but few people actually use them to watch high-definition video. Which isn't surprising – after all, an HD subscription from Sky will set you back £57 a month, and the average Blu-Ray disc costs over £20. Fortunately, Kodak has released the cheapest ever HD camcorder. The pocket-sized Zi6 records HD video direct to memory card, and can be plugged directly into an HDTV or – using the built-in USB – directly into a computer. Picture quality is superb when filming in bright conditions.

Gadgets Shure
Shure SE102 £53
Until a couple of years ago, Shure only sold its earphones to superstar musicians and stage performers. But of late the incredible sonic clarity of the in-ear has become available to us mere mortals – and the SE102s are the most affordable set yet. Like their more expensive siblings, they sit deep in the ear canal, cutting out the backgroud noise of planes, trains and urban life, while delivering exceptional performance, particularly on acoustic and classical music. And thanks to an in-line microphone, they're the perfect mobile phone upgrade too.

Gadgets Storm
BlackBerry Storm £from free on contract
Finally, after 18 months, the Apple iPhone has a worthy challenger. The Storm is the first touch-screen BlackBerry and it shares many of the iPhone's best features, with an interface that responds to strokes and gestures. But the BlackBerry is all about messaging, and here it trumps the iPhone thanks to a spring-loaded screen that responds to your finger presses, so it feels like you really are typing. All that, and it's cheaper than the iPhone, too. Game on.

Gadgets Sony Vaio
Sony Vaio JS1 £700
When it comes to all-in-one desktops, Windows PCs have struggled to match the impact of Apple's enduring iMac range. Sony seems determined to change all that. The JS1 is not only £100 cheaper than the base-level iMac, but also boasts superior specs including a 20.1in X-black display, 3GB RAM, 500GB hard drive and DVD writer, plus a built-in webcam for video conferencing.

Gadgets Nokia
Nokia 5310 Xpress Music £130 pre-pay, free with contract
This is Nokia's first ‘Comes With Music' handset – buy it, and the world's best music collection comes for free. You'll get free access to the Nokia Music Store, where you can download as many of the four million major-label songs as you like. And although you can only play these songs on your PC or phone, you can keep them even after your contract runs out. It's enough to make you regret ever starting a CD collection.


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