Websense introduces real time page checker

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Websense has introduced the web security gateway.

Websense has introduced the web security gateway.


Designed as a web page checker and malware protection product, the web security gateway allows companies to embrace and use Web 2.0 technologies to accelerate their business goals – without having to worry about malicious or inappropriate content.


Its concept is to classify new and dynamic content on Web 2.0 sites in real-time, to determine immediately whether a Web site and its content are safe.


Mark Murtagh, technical director at Websense said: “It is a gateway platform that allows us to deliver a dynamic control that offers open access which is secure. We are really letting them embrace a better service and letting them export it as a business tool.


“We are addressing it in a real time fashion, so we look at the web page and determine its content, we allow the content to be assessed for any malicious code as the customer will respect what is being assessed and created, so when it is delivered it does not violate company policy.


We see this as a major milestone in the industry as other companies have offered various services but this brings it altogether as this is the only thing that identifies the site and checks it in real time.”


Gene Hodges, chief executive officer of Websense, said: “In today's world, the lines between work and personal time are often blurred. Many of our customers asked us for ways they could open up the Web for employees – for both business and personal use – without putting the business at risk. We've delivered the first data-centric security portfolio that gives businesses the power to say ‘Yes' to Web 2.0 without worrying about data loss.”


Glen Chrzas, vice president of technology at Altura Credit Union, said: “The Websense Web Security v7 release, with the new Web Security Gateway, brings the Websense portfolio together and provides an integrated data-centric security solution that allows my organisation and users to safely leverage the benefit of the Internet and Web 2.0 while protecting my most critical data assets.”


Websense launched the industry's first Web security certification programme in June 2008, and starting on October 1, 2008, Websense will launch a professional certification programme specifically for the new Websense Web Security Gateway, starting with nine instructor-led courses throughout North America.

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