Protecting domain name systems may improve security

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Protecting domain name systems may help improve internet security.

Protecting domain name systems may help improve internet security.


Following a vulnerability of domain name systems threatened to bring chaos to the internet by poisoning the servers that translate domain names into Internet protocol addresses.


The EU Agency ENISA is investigating the use of Domain Name System Security Extensions and other advanced technologies for improving the resilience of public communication networks. ENISA is stock taking the policies and regulations that exist across the EU Member States, the measures operators take and the technologies available to improve the resilience (availability and integrity) of public eCommunication Networks.


It has identified three technologies - MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), DNSSEC, IPv6 – that are promising to ensure this. The Agency is interviewing a number of network operators in the EU. The collected input will be analyzed, in direct consultation with all leading stakeholders, and lead to EU guidelines. The final results will be presented at an Agency workshop “Resilience of Public eCommunication Networks”, that will take place in Brussels in November.


ENISA executive director Andrea Pirotti commented: “The recent spotlight in the news on DNS vulnerabilities and attacks, highlights the importance and relevance of ENISA's work on improving the resilience of public communications, vital for European e-government and ultimately, e-business.”

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