Barack Obama spam hides Trojan file

News by Dan Raywood

A spam campaign has been identified with false revelations about US Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

A spam campaign has been identified with false revelations about US Presidential candidate Barack Obama.


Identified by the Websense Security Labs ThreatSeeker Network, the campaign encourages the user to view the attachment which claims to show the Democratic candidate in a comprising sexual position. However when the user accesses the video they are shown a 14 second clip of a pornographic film as a distraction while a Banker/Backdoor Trojan is downloaded.


The malware will lay dormant until the user logs on to a banking website or the PayPal site where it will collect information.


Carl Leonard, security research manager at Websense Security Labs claimed that there had been no reports of it developing but the form may develop into more realistic story lines that will encourage recipients to open the file.


He said: “We came across it on the network yesterday where we picked it up in low volumes so it could have been a test bed for further activity or it could well have been a low impact test.


“We have seen large amounts of spam being sent out with subjects related to the US election, but this one plays a file that distracts the user while a Trojan is downloaded. The user will try to minimise the video but all the while this virus is downloaded.


“With major events such as the Olympics and major disasters there is spam that will entice the recipient to view a video but usually there is nothing available until you download something that will usually contain a Codec file. The combination of sex and politics could lead to more spam being seen but we expect them to be less sensational as the scammers are more realistic on what people will click on.


“In the lead up to an election the file could be disguised as a speech, or we might see them imitate legitimate news or candidate websites, with this the traffic is already there so they don't need to attract users.”

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