Companies encouraged to use resellers if they efficiently erase data

News by Dan Raywood

High profile cases of personal data being lost will continue according to Tier 1 Asset Management.

High profile cases of personal data being lost will continue according to Tier 1 Asset Management.


The company claimed that unless UK organisations start to use tried and tested processes for the removal of equipment once it has reached the end of active corporate service, losses will continue to happen.


Following a recent incident where data from the Royal Bank of Scotland turned up on eBay via a third party source, Tier 1 claimed that it is able to give revenue back to its clients by selling ex-corporate laptops on eBay rather than by selling equipment in bulk to the trade.


However Jon Selby, marketing manager at Tier 1 claimed the key point is that with an established, suitably-accredited process and the right data erasure tools to do the job, the channel via which equipment is re-used does not matter.


Selby said that he was angry that big companies get their data security safeguards badly wrong, he said: “With privacy laws, environmental legislation and data recovery technology in a constant state of development and change, there's little wonder that a company's processes vary just as frequently. It is no coincidence that of the recent data loss episodes, none have come when a specialist asset disposal organisation has been involved.”


Recent WEEE Legislation that aims to encourage the re-use of electrical equipment in its original form has also shaped many business' views that simply smashing hard drives to ensure data integrity is just not an option any longer.


Selby said: “With corporate citizenship and in particular waste management so high on the agenda of organisations these days, consigning a perfectly good, working machine to the recycling bin is not an option. Environmental concerns aside, the current economic climate means that companies want to maximise revenue return for their equipment. Using a proven, water-tight disposal process offers both these things, and crucially guarantees data security.”

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