Olympic success leads to bandwidth issues

News by Dan Raywood

Companies have been warned about bandwidth issues as interest in the Olympics continues to grow.

Companies have been warned about bandwidth issues as interest in the Olympics continues to grow.


With great Britain gaining third place in the medals table, ScanSafe is reporting that it is seeing an average of 16 minutes viewing per employee per day – a rise from two minutes on the opening weekend.


The company has previously seen peaks in downloads during sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup and Wimbledon, with a peak of 5,418 megabytes of downloads during the Nadal-Murray quarter final on 2nd July 2008.


Spencer Parker, director of product management at ScanSafe, said: “If companies do not have sufficient bandwidth then a number of problems can occur including business interruption and a slowdown in performance to critical business LAN applications as well as serious cost implications.


“Whilst companies may want to give employees the freedom to look at these sites they should address the problems that may occur due to a sharp increase in the viewing of streaming media. Employees that are not taking part in this Olympic Web surfing may find that their access to legitimate business sites is delayed due to the pressure on the company's bandwidth. Importantly this could have an impact on the company's bottom line.”


The company recommends that companies spend time reassessing their acceptable usage policies to control the amount of streaming media that can be viewed. It said that if businesses take the correct precautions, they should be protected from not only the danger of bandwidth congestion but also the issues associated with it.

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