Absolute Software uses GPS to protect against data loss and lost laptops

News by Dan Raywood

Absolute Software has announced the availability of geolocation tracking for Computrace.

Absolute Software has announced the availability of geolocation tracking for Computrace.


The company, who provide computer theft recovery, data protection and secure asset tracking solutions, are offering a solution that complements Absolute's IP tracking capabilities by allowing IT asset managers to track GPS-enabled laptops in the field to within 10 metres and view reports on their location using Google Maps technology.


The Computrace software is initially embedded in the computer firmware and if a computer is stolen the Absolute Theft Recovery Team uses information sent via Computrace to investigate computer thefts, deploying a powerful set of theft recovery tools developed by Absolute, which include capabilities such as keystroke loggers, cameras, location tracking (Wi-Fi triangulation, GPS) and remote access terminals.


Using embedded GPS receivers from popular manufacturers, Computrace acquires latitude and longitude location information from remote computers for display in Absolute's Web-based IT asset management portal.


With this information, Computrace can plot the current location of all supported GPS-enabled computers in a customer's account. Alternatively, the location history of an individual asset can be viewed.


John Livingston, chairman and CEO of Absolute, said: "Thanks to companies like Qualcomm and their industry leading Gobi initiative, GPS tracking information is becoming more prevalent in computing devices.


"Absolute's customers can now see where their assets are, find them more easily and assist in the earlier detection of missing computers. This capability is further enhanced by the visual nature of the reports that allow users to view computers plotted on a map. Secondly, when a computer goes missing GPS tracking information becomes a powerful forensic tool in the hands of our experienced Theft Recovery Team."

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