Children's internet activity could create security problems

News by Dan Raywood

Parents are failing to monitor their children's internet activity according to a survey by

Parents are failing to monitor their children's internet activity according to a survey by


The provider claims that 84 per cent of parents rely on a verbal agreement to ensure that their children ‘surf safely', with 48 per cent regularly using downloads. Although there are reports on personal safety while using chatrooms and social networking, there could also be a danger of technology security.


In light of the government's announcement that parents are to be punished if their child downloads music and films illegally, households can be blacklisted and have their internet access curbed or suspended if they do not follow the rules, meaning parents will be forced to take stronger measures to supervise their child's online activity. recommends that parents use parental control software to block certain sites and keywords, as well as using antivirus and firewall software to protect your PC from spam and phising emails and monitoring downloads by using a Downloads Monitor.


Michael Phillips, product director at, said: “We were surprised to learn that such a high proportion of parents heavily rely on verbal agreements to ensure their children's online activities are safe and legal. Children are often more tech-savvy than their parents and the click of a mouse can take them anywhere. As well as the possible safety issues, there are financial implications to your child's internet activities. With 48% downloading music online it would be easy to exceed your broadband fair usage limit leaving unsuspecting parents out of pocket at the end of the month.”

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