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Arxan Technologies has launched new cryptographic key-protection technology.

Arxan Technologies has launched new cryptographic key-protection technology.


TransformIT enhances software security by preventing tampering and hacking attacks that target keys used within software applications. As cryptography and PKI form the cornerstones of information security, the effectiveness of these cryptographic routines in turn depends on the secrecy and integrity of keys.


Arxan's TransformIT product ensures that private keys are never revealed statically or in run-time memory. It can also ensure that public keys cannot be tampered with, thereby preventing a wide range of phishing, spoofing and code tampering attacks.

Secret keys are used across many industries for varied purposes, including encryption, authentication and node-locking. In the digital media market, loss of first-level keys allows piracy of software or media titles. As deeper or more system-critical keys are exploited, entire platforms become susceptible to widespread piracy, allowing hackers to instantaneously rip media libraries or unlock subsidised devices.


Similarly, public and private keys are used to protect enterprise applications and any related data. In addition to unauthorised access, malware insertion and data leakage, system level exploits can result in entire platforms becoming vulnerable – allowing hackers to instantaneously snoop on enterprise-wide systems such as mobile and e-banking transactions or VoIP communications.


Key features of TransformIT include white-box cryptography key representation which provides a fundamentally secure system which is resistant to break-once-run-everywhere (BORE) attacks. It also prevents keys from ever making themselves known and with modifications to the depth and breadth of a key graph allows users to define their level of security. Moreover, a simple API allows TransformIT to easily integrate with other applications.


Mike Dager, CEO of Arxan, said: “We're pleased to bring the latest in key hiding and protection technology to the market with TransformIT, in response to market demand for stronger information security having already been deployed by companies within the remote authentication and digital media industries. In conjunction with our GuardIT family of products, TransformIT enhances our proven ability to protect and harden applications against the growing range of attack vectors. Arxan security solutions now provide protection against key exploits that can result in system-wide compromise and data leakage. Our proven application hardening technology successfully addresses the costly and growing problems of piracy, tampering and theft which affect an ever-expanding range of digital content providers, from desktop, to embedded, to multi-media software.”

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