Companies feel government is not protecting against cybercrime

News by Dan Raywood

The government is not doing enough to protect against cybercrime and attacks.

The government is not doing enough to protect against cybercrime and attacks.


Simon Heron, internet security analyst at Network Box claimed that the House of Lords follow-up debate called for increased measures by government to protect the UK from cyber threats, including greater international co-operation, but Network Box's research shows that this is not enough to allay the concerns of businesses.


Heron said: “The world of cyber crime moves quickly. Our research showed that businesses don't think government is responding accordingly.


“We continue to advise that companies need to provide protection to employees surfing the internet, as they have with their email, to prevent malware being downloaded from websites. Unfortunately, this is treating the symptom, not the cause, and governments worldwide need to work together to combat this menace.”


Following a survey of 250 UK businesses in December 2008, research from Network Box showed that eighty percent of businesses believe the government is not doing enough to protect the UK's national infrastructure from cyber threats.


Research also showed that 61 percent of businesses believe that malware downloaded via the Internet is the single biggest threat to security.


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