US overtaken as primary spam sender following McColo shutdown

News by Dan Raywood

China is now being seen as the primary source of spam.

China is now being seen as the primary source of spam.


Following the shutdown of the McColo botnet last week, the US is no longer the primary source of the world's spam, according to Network Box. It claims that China now produces more spam than any other country in the world.


Simon Heron, internet security analyst at Network Box, said: “We've also seen a significant drop in emails containing viruses and phishing attacks. This indicates that McColo's servers were also used to distribute malicious emails containing viruses, and not just the usual junk marketing mail.


“McColo came back online briefly over last weekend, most likely uploading all the command and control software required to run the botnets. So we'd expect spam to be back to usual levels in a couple of weeks using servers based in Russia. This is yet another clear example of why we need a co-ordinated, international approach to cyber-crime.”


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