Green address bar helps shoppers feel secure

News by Dan Raywood

As the credit crunch causes more shoppers to the internet, VeriSign has revealed that security has taken a step up to help shopper feel more secure.

As the credit crunch causes more shoppers to use the internet, VeriSign has revealed that security has taken a step up to help shoppers feel more secure.


The company has revealed that 71 per cent of Britons will shop online for bargain Christmas gifts this year, although over a quarter of those polled (28 per cent) said that ID theft, fraud and not trusting the site they are on are the biggest factors holding them back from buying online.


One thing that has encouraged online shoppers has been the development of the green address bar. VeriSign's EV SSL Certificates display a green address bar in compatible web browsers, which offers immediate reassurance that the visitor has reached a site whose authenticity has been verified by VeriSign.


The development of the green address bar makes it easy for consumers to know that they are at a secure website while helping defeat online criminals who use false websites to acquire personal information illegally.


Tim Callan, vice president of SSL product marketing at VeriSign, said: “Businesses have an opportunity to benefit from the increase in online shopping expected this year by reassuring online customers concerned about security that they are on a safe website. Businesses need to be more proactive in making security obvious on their websites by displaying visible cues such as a padlock, a green address bar and other security indicators for consumers.


Only informed and confident online shoppers will spend money online this Christmas. Businesses need to do what they can to encourage consumers to feel safe and shop online. More and more consumers are looking for visual cues showing that a site is secure so it's important that businesses make it obvious that their websites are legitimate.


“The green bar is highly effective and companies see that the amount of transactions done does go up and the customer attitude is that it is a secure experience. Fitness Footware saw an 11 per cent increase in sales once the green bar had been introduced and the answer is in putting security up front, customers are demanding protection and they are voting with the mouse. The padlock is still there but as the amount of pixels has increased it has shrunk away into a tiny gold dot.”


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