People are too casual about disclosing personal data

News by Dan Raywood

Members of the public are revealing highly sensitive data online.

Members of the public are revealing highly sensitive data online.


According to a survey by (ISC)2 , 84 per cent of the UK public reveal their postcode and date of birth. Meanwhile over a third (34 per cent) reveal their mother's maiden name, 29 per cent reveal their place of birth and 10 per cent give bank account information.


Despite 79 per cent of those interviewed claiming that they were concerned about fraud and a survey by the Information Commissioner's Office stating 95 per cent of people considered their personal information valuable, people seem unsure of what is safe and what is not.


John Colley, managing director EMEA for (ISC)2 and former information security professional for some of the UK's largest banks, said: “People are aware of the dangers of providing personal and highly sensitive data online - such as date of birth and mother's maiden name and bank details - but they still do. This makes it easy for criminals to find and use their personal data for identity theft and fraud.


“Websites should not be forcing – or even asking – people to submit these personal details about themselves. Consumers that want to shop online or sign up to receive information or join a social network for example, often have no choice if they want to proceed with their transaction.


“Yet we would never give this information to a shop assistant or someone surveying us in the street. It's time that marketers changed their data collection practices and stop asking people to reveal sensitive data online.”


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