General public is in need of security education

News by Dan Raywood

Personal security requires education of the public.

Personal security requires education of the public.


Tim Callan, vice president of SSL product marketing at VeriSign, claimed that there is too much dependency on people's knowledge when it comes to security. He claimed that people do know about how to make sure that they do not compromise their own security online, but a strong sense of security is inherently missing.


Callan said: “The computer is robust and it has been made to be secure, but once a person gets in front of it they can get fooled into opening doors and that has been a real threat. We have to consider that there is a human approach and we need a strong system of identity.


“There is a need to put a system in place that is intelligible to anyone who is a computer user, it is like a dentist who tells me I should clean the plaque off my own teeth – people need expertise to do things for them and we have to take the same approach. The industry is moving forward to do just that.”


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