IT departments are not putting software asset management policies in place

News by Dan Raywood

IT managers are not forming effective software asset management policies.

IT managers are not forming effective software asset management policies.


According to research commissioned by the Software Industry Research Board (SIRB), 60 per cent of UK businesses surveyed do not perceive a risk from misuse of software or counterfeit supply. While 43 per cent do not believe they face a threat from the lack of compliance as they claim to have a Software Asset Management (SAM) policy.


The research also identified that 75 per cent of companies have in place a SAM policy and yet 38 per cent admitted that they had only a basic understanding of their software licences.


Elsewhere the majority of UK businesses recognised that poor management of software can expose them to risks that can compromise the business such as viruses (61 per cent), corruption of data (60 per cent), Trojan horses (58 per cent), external hacking (55 per cent), and employee sabotage (51 per cent), any of which can carry enormous consequential impact.

John Lovelock, Chief Executive of FAST IiS, stated: “The perception is that they are doing a good job when in fact the results we found show that they are not. Overall IT is seen as an overhead at board level where it is not given attention and it needs to be said that it overarches it.


“The point to stress to business leaders is that they cannot afford to be complacent about the subject of compliance and risk to their businesses as they need to validate that they are able to demonstrate good governance and transparency in terms of compliance.”

Petra van Beneden, director, EMEA Licence Management Services at Oracle, said: “No one would expect the board to manage the operational details of SAM any more than one would expect a board to manage asset registers or be involved in day-to-day operational activities. But at a strategic level the Board needs to be assured that the company has minimised its risk and cost in this area.”


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