Teenagers move into online crime

News by Dan Raywood

Teenagers are starting to dabble in hacking and online crime.

Teenagers are starting to dabble in hacking and online crime.


According to Chris Boyd, director of malware research at FaceTime Security, children of 11 and 12 are sharing credit card details and asking for hacks on net forums.


Some professionals have claimed that forums are populated by teenagers who are exchanging tips on swapping credit card numbers, phishing kits and hacking. According to the BBC website, the move to hacking has come from searches on how to exploit computer games and programs were exchanged on forums.


Experts claim that some users are looking for exploits and virus code that can be run against social networking sites, and then the users try to peddle or use the details or accounts they net in this way.


Boyd said spent a lot of time tracking down the creators of many of the nuisance programs written to exploit users of social networking sites and the culprit was often a teenager. He claimed that many progress to outright criminal practices such as using phishing kits to create and run their own scams, describing them as “Some are quite crude, some are clever and some are stupid.”


However Kevin Hogan, a senior manager Symantec Security Response, claimed that attempts to make money failed due to a lack of technical skills.


Hogan said: “They do not even know enough to get a simple phishing or attack tool right. We have seen phishing sites that have broken images because the link, rather than reference the original webpage, is referencing a file on the C: drive that is not there.”


Boyd also said that a strive for recognition undermined the users, as many are obsessed with making videos of what they are doing, and post videos on sites such as YouTube and sign on with the same alias used to hack a site, run a phishing attack or write a web exploit.


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