Rackspace Hosting has announced new initiatives and acquistions

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Rackspace Hosting has announced new initiatives in cloud computing and new acquistions.

Rackspace Hosting has announced new initiatives in cloud computing and new acquistions.


The company has also acquired Slicehost and Jungle Disk, and has established relationships with Limelight Networks and Sonian Networks. The acquisitons will allow Rackspace to further enhance its cloud offering, as well as enhance storage options.


The acquisition of Slicehost offers a slice of a server to meet business needs, so space in the cloud can be rented while the acquisition of Jungle Disk offers a simple software download to drag and drop files from a PC/Mac onto the cloud.


Over time, Rackspace intends to integrate their capabilities into its complete hosting portfolio to provide business customers a suite of hosting solutions to meet all of their IT needs.


Rackspace will also break its cloud portfolio into three elements, Cloud Sites offers a scalable platform for handling huge traffic spikes and a pay-as-you-grow pricing model. Cloud Files offers a file storage infrastructure, Jungle Disk will port to Rackspace's Cloud Files system in the coming months. Finally Cloud Servers will deliver on-demand server capacity to businesses of all sizes, will leverage key technology developed by Slicehost.


John Engates, CTO at Rackspace, said: “We want to make cloud accessible for all businesses and we offer all businesses and we offer a broad suite for all solutions. We want to make sure it is open and not blocked in. People have a reluctancy to jump into cloud as they feel that they will be in a bad shape if changes are made, or they feel that they can get better deal somewhere else.


“Security is the number one question, a lot of angles are considered, and we certainly do all the best practises of auditing and make sure the storage is accessible, as with any data management you have strong authentication. We will look at any possibility of a data breach and look at merging strong storage controls and using strong keys on technology.


“People can take advantage of cloud when and where it makes sense and we make sure that they have options and people will have to try it. I compare it to when Windows was the industry standard and Linux was new, yet today nobody thinks twice about using Linux and I believe that cloud will be the same. People will want to shift from the burden of traditional IT departments and it can take a long time, it really depends on what you want.”


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