Cloud computing 'euphoria' is a false alarm

News by Dan Raywood

Global Secure Systems has issued caution following comments made on cloud computing.

Global Secure Systems has issued caution following comments made on cloud computing.


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer commented last week on a number of developments at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference at the end of this month, which has led to some euphoria.


However David Hobson, managing director of GSS, he claimed that companies will also have to review their security arrangements on both technical, legal and corporate governance fronts.


He said: “The traditional description of IT Security was CIA - Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Cloud computing still has a number of these issues to address. There will be major issues – what do you do if you ISP goes down? Will service credits really compensate you for the lost productivity?


“I doubt it. Whilst back up in the cloud sounds great, how long will it take to restore a multi gigabyte, or even terabyte file?


“It's all very well, allowing your copy of Microsoft Office 2010 to store your files in the Cloud, but what about the provisions of the Data Protection Act, which effectively prohibit the storage of employee and/or customer data on the other side of the world without the express consent of the people concerned?


“It's interesting to hear Ballmer saying that Microsoft's applications will not have to be recoded to run in a Cloud environment. This suggests to me that Microsoft's Cloud Computing initiative has been in the planning stages for some time. It is to be hoped that its Cloud IT security plans have been equally meticulous.”


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