Verizon Business pushes NAC services

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Complexity has slowed adoption of the technology

Complexity has slowed adoption of the technology

The business arm of US communications giant Verizon claims it can help companies implement one of the key emerging security technologies – Network Access Control (NAC).


Verizon Business says its professional services teams can help with the initial assessment of which NAC technology is right for a company's needs and works with vendors such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, ForeScout Technologies and TippingPoint.


The communication specialist's managed security division, Verizon Security Solutions, offers governance around risk and compliance, data loss and prevention, and identity management solutions, the company claims.


"Because of its complexity, Network Access Control technology is underutilized, even though it offers organizations a stronger, better way of protecting their data," said Kerry Bailey, vice president of Verizon Business Security Solutions.


The Verizon professional services team will also design infrastructure, as well as configure and install the NAC technology and provides training to the customer, the company claims.


According to Andrew Braunberg, research director at Current Analysis, the kind of services Verizon is providing make sense as despite the potential security enhancements offered by NAC, the technology hasn't been adopted at the rate expected. "The Network Access Control market has taken off more slowly than expected because of the overall complexity of engagements and the general immaturity of products in the market,” he said. 


Some of the reluctance to adopt NAC is also down to the fact that it is not actually one technology but a collection of more familiar technologies that have been connected, experts claim.


"NAC is actually a collection of different access, security and reporting technologies for a whole range of organisational needs, rather than the single panacea to all security problems," says Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of secure infrastructure solutions provider Wick Hill Group, speaking to SC Magazine recently

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