Google releases open source crypto tools

News by Andrew Donoghue

Developers aim to simplify application security

Developers aim to simplify application security

Members of the Google Security Team have released an open source toolkit which they claim will make it easier for software developers to integrate cryptography into applications.

The Keyczar toolkit is being released under the Apache 2.0 license and is designed top be open, extensible and cross platform compatible, according to Google.


According to a statement on the Keyczar website, the toolkit provides a simple programming interface to simplify the cryptographic process. “Cryptography is easy to get wrong. Developers can choose improper cipher modes, use obsolete algorithms, compose primitives in an unsafe manner, or fail to anticipate the need for key rotation,” the site states.


Keyczar was originally developed by Steve Weis from Google and Arkajit Dey from MIT, as part of the Google Security Team, but they are keen for other developers to contribute to the project.


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