ESET launches anti-malware for Windows Mobile

News by Richard Thurston

The security company has released a free beta version of a software product which aims to prevent malware from infecting Windows Mobile devices

ESET has released a beta version of a software product which aims to  prevent malware from infecting Windows Mobile devices.

ESET Mobile anti-virus is based on heuristic threat protection. The company claims the product consumes little processing power and uses compact update files.

Though mobile viruses have so far been limited in number and potency, one analyst claimed they would do increasing damage in the future.

"Widespread mobile attacks are inevitable in the near future. Yet it is likely that these first attacks will be hard to find before they've done their damage," said Brian Burke, program director for security products at IDC.

ESET claimed that the biggest challenges in the provision of mobile security are the limited memory, processing and bandwidth of mobile devices and networks.

"Our research indicates that consumers and businesses are looking for a solution that will combat the imminent problem of mobile malware with maximum protection, minimal performance impact and small daily updates," said Anton Zajac, ESET's chief executive officer.

Updates can be delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and can be turned off if desired.

The beta version is available for free. The final product is expected later this year.

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